What We Do

Our Three Strategic Objectives


Enhanced co-operation and co-ordination within the voluntary sector


Build communications capacity to enable effective messaging and influencing of service provision


Making better use of existing data in order to effectively influence policy at local, regional and national level

Meet our Team

We are governed by a Steering Group comprised of representatives from the voluntary sector led by an Independent Chairperson
Sharon Palmer MBE

Sharon Palmer MBE


Sharon is the Independent Chair of the Project. She has significant experience of the voluntary sector across the region and has held a number of senior management positions within voluntary and community organisations.

Andy Hoole

Andy Hoole

Project Coordinator

Andy has been the Coordinator of the Project since March 2019. He has worked in the Public Sector for 15 years, most recently for West Midlands Police

Latest News

Current Developments from the Project

Project Delivery Plan

We are delighted to publish our Project Delivery Plan which has been agreed in consultation with our Steering Group members and funders. A copy of the document can be viewed here: http://migrationpolicy.org.uk/delivery-plan/