We aim to enhance coordination and cooperation across the sector, building a comprehensive understanding of all activity currently taking place , so that problems, emerging issues and opportunities can be effectively managed.

We envision becoming a Knowledge Management Hub for the region, highlighting not only the details around migrant communities but also areas of support that can be provided to them, allowing the creation of support pathways for any new migrant arriving in the region.


We will utilise an effective communications strategy in order to fulfil our goal of supporting the settling of migrants in the region. We will work closely with all stakeholders to identify and highlight best practice, build relationships and raise the profile of work being undertaken to support the migration agenda.

Briefings on our work will be disseminated to all partners on a regular basis in order to increase engagement with the sector and partners.


We will build upon existing structures to gain a better understanding of our communities in order to provide partners with insight and recommendations for action. We will coordinate the findings of meetings into effective, targeted briefing that will assist in advocating for policy change to benefit the sector.

We will also engage with partner agencies and statutory bodies where we can provide an effective voice for the voluntary sector. Utilising the findings of our new assessment process we will be able to provide an evidence based approach to advocacy in order to secure legislative and procedural change.