We are building an asset register to put in place a structure to create an assessment of the sector, its capacities, challenges and strengths. The register will provide the basis for research and for communication; in understanding the patterns and trends a strategic vision of the migration sector in the region can be built.

We aim to communicate this to those working with migrants, to use this strategic understanding to amplify migrants’ voices within statutory bodies, and to link to national challenges and campaigns.

The asset register is a database of who is doing what, where. It collates information on the demand, capacity, and impact of groups and organisations who have migrants as service users. We are eager to engage with organisations across Birmingham and the Black Country, including those who do not exclusively work with migrants.

To view our current Sector Partners, please CLICK HERE.

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To find out more, please contact Andy at andy@migrationpolicy.org.uk or Emily at emily@migrationpolicy.org.uk.