Our Coordinator role is funded as part of Birmingham City Council’s Sanctuary Grant Scheme.

The role has two distinct strands, providing support to individuals as well as increasing the strategic coordination of activity in the sector. Primarily working with asylum seekers in the city, but also linking with wider migrant populations, build relationships and trust to understand their needs around mental health support, providing referrals to clinical services where appropriate. We also link with other organisations to offer a regular series of social activities held at local community venues within walking distance of accommodation.

As part of this outreach activity, we engage in semi-structured interviews with participants to best understand their needs and how services can directly address gaps in provision that is required. This helps to address the strategic barriers faced by migrants when settling in the region and this work will allow us to direct priorities for our wider network to reduce health inequalities. 

Our work also supports of the activity of the wider sector, specifically through assistance in coordinating the support currently provided by voluntary organisations within hotel accommodation. There is a need to ensure that this activity is better coordinated so that individuals are aware of services offered, preventing duplication and ensure that resources are deployed in the most effective way.

If you have any questions about this work, or would like to get involved, then you can contact our Outreach and Engagement Coordinator Asma Malik through THIS FORM.